About Us

Grosse Pointe Farms Foundation Board of Trustees

Jeffrey Huebner, Chairman
Ed Wujek II, Vice-Chairman
Jeff Adams, Treasurer
Janet Ridder, Nominating Chair
Jeffrey Brayton George G. Jerome, Sr. Shana Sine Cameron
Rob MacKethan, IV Duncan Campbell Dr. David Balle
Andrew Casazza Ryan Pelerin John Conway
Edward J. Russell Sean P. Cotton Jeff Smith
Shawn Coyle Lisa Vallee Smith Chris Damman
Nathan M. Steiner Douglas P. Dossin Donna Stoner
Ed Gotfredson Vivian Day Stroh Mark Higbie
Amie D. Sweeney Daniel Hughes Randall J. Tallerico
Paul H. Huth Tom Youngblood
Louis Theros, Mayor
Shane L. Reeside, City Manager
Kathleen Squillace, Foundation Secretary
Grosse Pointe Farms Foundation
90 Kerby Road
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

How you can help

Your donation to the GPF Foundation project helps the entire community!

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