Pure Grosse Pointe
By: gpfadmin
Jun 6, 2017

This Bell House, formerly located at Fair Acres, the Grosse Pointe estate of Mrs. Henry B. Joy, was first erected there in 1929. Presented to the city in her memory by her son, Henry, it was moved to its current location, at the corner of Moross and Grosse Pointe Boulevard, in April 1959.  According to local folklore, Mrs. Joy rang the bells to call her husband in from his yacht for dinner.  The Grosse Pointe Farms Foundation restored the bells, which ring as they did a century ago.

Grosse Pointe News May 18, 2017

Grosse Pointe News May 18, 2017


Article provided courtesy of Grosse Pointe News
Photo by Renee Landuyt


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